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Barvenia Wooten

Barvenia Wooten is a native of Cincinnati Ohio. where she distinguished herself as an outstanding student athlete, an All-American who has achieved much success as a standout student-athlete, and a basketball coach. With over forty years of experience, she is a five-time hall of famer, twice inducted into the CIAA as a player and the NCAA DII 40th Anniversary Team, she has earned numerous awards and accolades.

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Owner and Head Coach, Barvenia Wooten currently resides in Richmond, Virginia.  After spending over twenty years of coaching at the collegiate level, she has started her own franchise in November , 2019, but made a business decision to move her team to the Women American Basketball Association in 2020, after spending the her last head coaching job at Florida State College at Jacksonville Women’s Basketball from 2016-2019. Her impressive twenty-one year’s business background coupled with her nineteen years of head coaching experience at different levels will be valuable to the continued grow and success of the Roadrunners. Prior to that, Coach Wooten was in the community developing the Jacksonville franchise of the Women’s American Basketball League (WABL-Hoops) while serving as Vice President of Operations for the WABL.

Barvenia recently published her first book. Her Autobiography, Up & Running, The Journey Continues.  She along with her 1983 Division II National Women's Basketball Championship Team will be inducted into the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA) during the 2020 CIAA Basketball Conference Championship held at the end of February 2020.  This will be her fifth Hall of Fame induction.

Barvenia Wooten is a native of Cincinnati OH where she distinguished herself as an outstanding student athlete, an All-American who has achieved much success as a standout student-athlete and a basketball coach combined with over forty years, earning her numerous awards and accolades.

Barvenia playing career includes fifteen years of professional basketball. The Philadelphia Rage of the American Basketball League (ABL) Hoop Booth of the NWBL and the Maryland Sparks of the Washington Basketball League (WBL) in Largo, Maryland.

Barvenia earned her Accounting Degree from Virginia Union University and courageously with back to college twenty-six later after undergraduate and earned her Master’s Degree in Organizational Leader from Nyack College, Washington, DC in 2009.

Barvenia is excited about bring professional, basketball back to the Richmond, Virginia area and look forward to developing a Dynamic and Powerful Team, The Richmond Roadrunners while helping grow the WBPA.


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